YouTube channel review for Monetization

How long does it take YouTube to review a channel for monetization?

It is vital that YouTube’s Partner Program has established some eligibility requirements for monetization. It can be exceedingly difficult to have a YouTube channel’s request for monetization approved. Because it took at least 12 months to complete the prerequisites and eligibility requirements, and because it takes time to successfully apply to the YouTube Partner Program. 

Google Support claims that the YouTube Partner Program staff reviews a channel for at least a month before activating its monetization. Don’t give up if you haven’t received your revert after a month; occasionally delays are caused by the huge number of applications for reviews.

Do not lose faith if your channel is denied. Regularly post original content. You can reapply to have your channel reviewed after 30 days have passed.

YouTube channel Monetization activation

By seeing 1 month, don’t disappoint. It is the claim of YouTube Partner Program support. And this decision is by keeping in mind all the circumstances and possibilities. On an average, according to the official YouTube Partner Program, the review period is 30 days. But practically, the review period can be 60 hours as well. I know you are shocked. But this is true. But to achieve this result, you have to follow certain strategies. Like-

1.Improve SEO Ranking

High SEO Ranking can increase the growth of your channel and chance of getting review approval.

SEO Performance

2.Consistency is the Key

Be consistent and regular on your YouTube channel. Your consistent activity can help the reviewer in understanding your channel more precisely.

3.Be Different

Try to provide something unique and different in your content that can add value to the knowledge of your viewers. It will help in improving the stats of your channel. 

4.Show your Sincerity to Loyal Subscribers

Getting new subscribers is the main task. But maintaining sincerity with loyal subscribers is also your duty. This will strengthen your YouTube channel’s ranking. 

5.Professional Support

Seek professional support to review your channel and help you in taking required steps to improve your channel and getting success in getting approval successfully. Platforms like LenosTube are pioneers in this department. They can help you in reviewing your channel in terms of monetization eligibility and can also help you in making necessary changes & arrangements to make your channel eligible for passing the review step of YPP. You can also opt to use a MCN for helping you in growing your channel.

Professional Support

Although, getting a channel monetized on YouTube has never been an easy task. But without YouTube, for a brand, it is quite difficult to capture a significant share in the market for a longer period of time. YouTube helps in gaining loyalty and trust of customers and monetization can strengthen your marketing process financially as well as technically. So, keep going and try hard to get success in the review step of YouTube monetization. Although, the process can be lengthy sometimes, but certain strategies and precautions can help you in speeding up the process of review for your channel’s monetization. your efforts will never get in vain, if you hold the hand of patience and consistency.

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