4 Tips To Speed Up The Monetization Review Process Of Youtube!

Youtube is, without a doubt, the most popular video streaming platform in the world. Content creators from all around the world are drawn to YouTube due to the presence of a large audience and lucrative monetization opportunities. 

If you are one of them, then you understand what it means to you to be able to earn money from your YouTube channel. It’s like a dream. You put in all the hard work, unleash all your creativity, do everything you can to keep your audience engaged and then only after a great deal of patience do you eventually meet the YouTube monetization criteria. 

After hearing the notice, you are overjoyed, but you soon discover that there is a significant amount of waiting involved in the evaluation process as well. So, what can you do in this situation? 

In this post, we will go through the details of this issue and discuss some tips that can help you in expediting the monetization evaluation process.

A quick brief of monetization requirements:

YouTube requires that your channel satisfy a number of standards before it will allow you to begin earning money from it. This is done in order to prevent fraudulent activity and trash content from appearing on the site.

One of the most important prerequisites for earning money from a YouTube channel is that you should have at least 1000 subscribers and your videos should have accumulated 4000 hours of watch time throughout the previous year.

In addition, a Google AdSense account that is linked to YouTube is required for proper operation. Essentially, this is the technology that will enable you to generate revenue. It is controlled by Google and is in charge of presenting advertisements that are most appropriate for the audience for which you are providing the content.

You can read in detail about Youtube Monetisation Requirements in this article: 

Here you must keep in mind that advertising has some requirements of its own. Accordingly, your videos must not contain anything that violates YouTube’s regulations such as controversial matters or nudity. Otherwise, your channel may be demonetized and it may also result in the closure of your YouTube account.

How much time monetization review generally takes?

When all of the conditions have been satisfied, YouTube will examine the activity on your channel. This procedure can take approximately one month, and it can be prolonged by another month if you violate any platform rules, in which case you will be subjected to a manual examination of your application.

After the examination,  if there are any remaining concerns regarding the activity of your channel, the time frame may be extended further for another month, as the experts from youtube will have to manually evaluate the whole history and content of your channel.

If, after three months, you have not received any information on your monetization request, you are allowed to post your questions on the YouTube forum, where an expert will respond to you within three days of posting.

Tips to Speed Up the Monetization review Process:

Here are a few practical tips to help you expedite the process:

1. Provide all the necessary information beforehand

It takes a long time for YouTube specialists to examine the authenticity of the content you used to produce your video. What you can do here is to provide all of the content sources that were used and all other relevant information of your video in the video description itself. This can make the job easier for the reviewers and will help to expedite the process.

2. Follow the advertiser friendly guideline

Youtube has a set of guidelines for all the videos that can be uploaded on its channel. These guidelines are based on community standards and if your videos flout any of these guidelines, your channel will require manual review by youtube staff and that will take a lot of time. 

3. Make original and quality content

Creating high-quality material that delivers value for your audience will help you accelerate the evaluation and monetization processes for your YouTube channel. 

The thing YouTube values the most is the originality of your content. If you are using duplicate content, then it may take a lot of time and youtube may not grant you monetisation at all.

Another thing that matters to youtube is the quality of the content. It is easier to monetize original material with strong narration and artwork than it is to monetize content that is simply a sequence of photographs with background music. 

4. Avoid using bot generated voice

Some YouTubers use bot generated voice in their youtube videos to make videos faster. But the reviewers at youtube may perceive videos created with voice distortion software as bot-generated videos.

When determining whether this is the case or not, the experts may require more time, which would cause the review process to be delayed. As a result, it is advised that the material be delivered through the use of a real voice.

5. Seek feedback on Monetization Review

It’s possible to get feedback from YouTube if the process is still taking a long time. To do that, access your channel dashboard, navigate to the Monetization tab, and then select the Help and Feedback. 

There is an option to provide feedback. It will capture a snapshot of whatever is currently on your desktop. Show that you have satisfied all of the monetization requirements. Then you may put in a note informing them that you have met the monetisation standards and gently and professionally inquire as to why it is taking a lot of time.

It’s not necessary that youtube actually responds to your message but it may act as a nudge for them to have a look at your channel.

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