“We’ve worked with your MCN to include you in the YouTube Partner Program” – Here is what it means

The YouTube Partner program has captured the mind and heart of every content creator. People are giving their every effort to earn the good news of activating monetization of their channel. They are monitoring their channels like an eagle. 

This statement “”We’ve worked with your MCN to include you in the YouTube partner program” is basically a notification or message that YouTube Partner Program is sharing with the capable YouTube channels. It means that your and your Multi Channel Network efforts are fulfilled and your channel is now eligible enough for monetization through YouTube Partner Program. Let’s understand this statement in detail. 

Multi channel network

What is Multi Channel Network

As a YouTube Partner, you have access to a variety of tools and features that can be used to administer your channel and expand your viewership. The Multi Channel Network is one of them (MCN). An MCN is a business that collaborates with YouTube accounts to provide support with things like monetization, marketing, and production. A lot of MCNs also give their clients access to special offers and chances, like collaborations with companies and other content producers. Being a famous YouTuber doesn’t require you to join an MCN, but it can be helpful if you want more help promoting your channel. Do your homework to find an MCN that is a suitable fit for your channel and objectives if you are thinking about joining one. A MCN can also help you in qualifying the review process of your channel for achieving YouTube monetization.

Qualities of a Perfect MCN

An MCN can offer a wide range of services, such as access to special offers, marketing assistance, and technical help.

It’s critical to select an MCN that is a good match for your channel when making your selection. The following characteristics make an ideal MCN:

1. A Trusted Network:

Check that the MCN you select is reputable and well-established within the YouTube community. You don’t want to collaborate with a dubious business that might cause YouTube to ban your account.

2. A Strong Support Team:

The top MCNs will have a solid support team in place to assist you with any problems you might encounter. Look for an MCN with a staff of professionals on hand to assist you at all hours of the day or night.

3. A Broad Range of Services:

The top MCNs will provide a broad range of services to support the expansion of your channel and content monetization. Look for an MCN that can offer both technical help and marketing assistance.

4. A Flexible Contract:

You should have the option to select the services you want to use when you join up with an MCN.

YouTube monetization

Bottom line

When your channel became eligible for YouTube monetization by completing all the pre requisites according to the YouTube Partner Program and you have used MCN for growing and developing your channel, then to notify you regarding your success, you received this kind of statement “We’ve worked with your MCN to include you in the YouTube partner program”. So, if you have received such notification or mail, then it means your channel is working very fine in the market. You are on the right direction. Keep Going towards YouTube monetization.

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