Use Youtube SEO To Grow Your Channel!

YouTube is by far the most widely used video-streaming platform on the internet. The possibility to generate money through adverts, as well as the existence of a large audience, is what keeps it popular among content producers. These factors contribute to YouTube attracting a large and growing number of content providers to its platform, all of whom are competing for the very same audience views. This is one of the reasons why the rivalry on YouTube is so strong.

If you want to ensure that your videos are seen by the most number of people, your video must reach the top of the youtube search. Because it is only via this method that others will find your video. There are a variety of marketing strategies that can be used to increase your visibility at the top of search results, but Search Engine Optimization is one of the most successful. So let’s discuss search engine optimization.

What is Search Engine Optimization on YouTube?

SEO is the process of making specific adjustments to the content of your videos so that they appear as the top result on the page when people search on YouTube for that type of video. SEO makes this possible since it assists the YouTube search algorithm in better understanding the substance of your videos. Moreover, the better it knows your video, the more likely it is to recommend it to audiences that are seeking similar types of material.

What Is the Best Way to Optimize Your YouTube Videos?

Let’s have a look at some simple tactics for optimising your videos for search engines.

1. Look for appropriate keywords.

The terms a person employs while searching for anything on the internet are called search engine keywords.   The psychology and word choices of the people are represented by these keywords. In the case of cosmetics, for example, if the majority of people search for a certain combination of terms, such as “makeup tips,” then that phrase is a significant keyword, and you should utilise keywords like that while creating beauty-related videos.

2. Don’t forget to include a description for the video.

You must provide a description for each one of your YouTube videos if you want them to be seen. While only a small percentage of your visitors will read them, they are crucial for SEO purposes. Write a video description that appropriately explains it and contains all of the necessary keywords. In addition, you should add links to your website and other related videos in your video description. It allows viewers to discover additional videos from you, which in turn enhances traffic of the video channels overall. 

3. Enhance the attractiveness of your title

Write great headlines since they are the first thing that people see when they are reading a piece of content. Create your title around an essential phrase so that your video appears in search engine results whenever someone looks for a video of a specific type. It is also necessary to consider the length of the title. It shouldn’t be too huge or too little, and it should sufficiently explain the video material you’ve created. Also, remember to never disclose too much information in titles to maintain suspense, and also never make false claims in your titles

4. Rename the file in question.

The practice of preparing a Video clip for SEO begins well before the video is published, which is something that many people are unaware of. You should include the principal keyword phrase of the video within its file name itself. This implies that you should avoid giving your video a name that is made up of codes and numbers, such as 94ffeh68dfew.mp4 because this is worthless for the YouTube search algorithm. Instead, give the file a more descriptive name that includes the term, such as “Learn-about-youtube-seo.mp4”

5. Add categories to you videos

YouTube offers several categories, and you can select which category to place your video is based on your personal convictions. It is also advised by YouTube that you include categories in your videos. However, you must use extreme caution while deciding on the proper categorization. Placing your video inside the proper category increases the likelihood that it will be found by a large number of viewers who are seeking videos that are similar to yours on YouTube.

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6. Add tags to your video

Tags are similar to categories, but they are more for people than for algorithms. To ensure that visitors can understand what your videos are about quickly, it is a great idea to tag them with relevant keywords. The use of tags also aids search engines in identifying the genre of videos that are being shown, which ultimately leads to viewers receiving suggestions for your videos.

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