Applying for YouTube Monetization? This is what you need (Checklist)

Youtube Monetization Revolves Around the Youtube Partner Program

Earning money through content creation for YouTube has gotten harder than in the past now. If you are a beginner YouTube creator or even a veteran, the YouTube monetization policies have made it a lot more challenging for everyone to make money through videos. But most YouTubers still try to join the YouTube partner program as it is the simplest way to earn money on this platform. 

It is a set of few rules that you need to follow, and you will be generating ad revenue in no time. However, this “no time” could be little to much time, depending upon your content and views, because it is what all matters to make it into the Partner Program and then eventually make some good money. But let’s see some essential requirements of this program in detail.

Content guidelines That Need To Be Followed In Your Content

What YouTube wants is to keep its platform free from miscreants who create hatred and unreliable content and spread it through this platform. This is why the developers at YouTube take initiatives to change the algorithm and policies for content that will be allowed on the forum and what will not.

Recently, a lot of such steps are taken by YouTube to strengthen the monetization policies so that spammers do not get any support from the platform to continue their wicked deeds. Hence, the first step for earning money would be to follow the YPP (YouTube partners program) content guidelines wholly on your channel.

Content Guidelines to monetize

  • Create all elements of the video yourself. Examples include:
    • Daily vlogs
    • Home videos
    • Do-it-yourself videos
    • Tutorials
    • Original music videos
    • Original short films
  • Make sure you own all the necessary rights to commercially use all visuals created by you.
  • If you use content you do not own, make sure it is made in a transformative use i.e. with voice over, editing, and using just little clips.

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Meeting The Watch Hours Threshold Is Most Important

It will be hard for the beginners because the minimum threshold here is 4000 hours of genuine watch hours in the last 12 months’ time to start generating revenue from YouTube and AdSense. But it will only be problematic for those whose content is unworthy of it or they do not keep their channel active; otherwise, if your video is impactful and viral-worthy, you can achieve this threshold in a matter of weeks quickly with the right audience gathering strategy and by uploading videos frequently.

Subscribers – Another Major Obstacle

Under the newly updated terms and conditions for getting your YPP request approved, you also need to have 1000 subscribers on your channel. This ensures that you have an authentic audience and that your content is watchable, and people like to follow you and your content on YouTube. We know that YouTube has raised the bars high here, but it seems legitimate to have at least 1K subscribers if you are a good creator and have unique content.

Applying For Partner Program? Give A Glance At This Checklist Once

So, if your channel fulfills all the requirements mentioned above, you might be confident to start the application procedure for YPP. But we would like to pause you and make you check a few more of these checklist points to make sure you are ready to be accepted. This will begin with the above three points and will continue with few undiscussed requirements that you need to fulfill.

  • Channel follows the policies and guidelines.
  • The channel has at least 1000 subscribers.
  • Your channel has generated 4000 hours of watch time in the last 12 months.
  • Make sure you have a fully set up Google AdSense account.
  • Also, you must live in a country where YPP is available.

If you fulfill these terms, you can sign in for YPP terms through your YouTube account, where you need to fill a basic form, after which the team will review your channel. On review, if your channel gets accepted, you will be set and ready to start earning money on your channel!

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