YouTube Monetization Alternatives, 2023

YouTube Monetization Alternatives, 2023

Today’s era has been captured by Content marketing single handedly. And this is not an easy journey. If we go to flashbacks, do you ever imagine that you can earn through your videos?  I don’t think so. But, since the digital marketing and content has put on acceleration mode, there is no scope of break till now. 

YouTube Monetization is the biggest contribution in this achievement. Since Covid, it had come as a boon to us, as various people had chosen YouTube monetization, as their scope of earning. Since then, it has become a prominent marketing strategy for every brand and a great source of earning. Now, the technology and marketing function has developed so much that there are various alternatives of YouTube monetization. So today we will discuss mainly about YouTube monetization alternatives:

1. Patreon

This platform allows content creators to receive direct financial support from their fans, without the need for ad revenue. With Patreon, creators can offer exclusive perks and rewards to their supporters in exchange for monthly contributions. From behind-the-scenes access to personalized shoutouts, there are endless possibilities for incentivizing your audience to contribute. Plus, since Patreon takes a smaller cut of earnings compared to YouTube’s ad revenue split, creators have more control over their income stream.


2. DTube

DTube is an innovative platform that offers creators an exciting new way to earn revenue through cryptocurrency transactions while also fostering a supportive community that values creativity and authenticity. With DTube, you have complete ownership over your content and can even receive rewards for engaging with other users on the network. Plus, unlike traditional video hosting sites, DTube doesn’t censor or limit your ability to express yourself freely.


For those who are looking for an alternative to YouTube monetization, Udemy offers a unique opportunity to earn money by creating and selling online courses. With over 35 million students worldwide, Udemy is the world’s largest marketplace for teaching and learning. By sharing your expertise in various topics such as business, technology, or personal development, you can create high-quality video content that educates and inspires others while earning passive income. The platform provides all the tools necessary to create engaging and interactive courses including video recording software, editing tools, quizzes and assessments. 


4. Flicker

Flicker is a platform that provides an exciting alternative to YouTube monetization. As content creators, we all know the struggles of trying to make a living from our videos on YouTube. The constant changes in algorithms, demonetization issues and limited earning potential can be frustrating. Flicker offers a fresh start with its unique approach to video monetization. Unlike other platforms, Flicker allows you to keep 100% of your earnings from ads displayed on your videos. Yes, you read that right – no revenue sharing! But it doesn’t stop there; Flicker also offers additional ways for creators to earn money through sponsored content deals and affiliate marketing opportunities integrated into their platform.

These are just a few of the many alternatives to YouTube monetization that content creators can explore in 2023. It’s important to consider which platforms align with your content and audience, and which monetization strategies make the most sense for your goals. There are some countries where YouTube monetization is not available by YouTube partner program, so in that situation, you can use these YouTube monetization alternatives for your earning.

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